How’s it going HTY Fam, Hope you are in good health and shape. If by any chance you are not, we have just the thing for you.
We know how everyone loves to be a couch potato just like me, but we do admire that perfect suiting body.  Surely heading the gym is the best way to do so, but not all of us have what it takes to take our self out from the comfort of our homes to the gym.
So we are going to sum up the best workouts for you that you can do at home without equipment.

So let’s get on with it.

1. PUSH UP’s

The first on our list is the good old traditional push-ups, the simple yet effective exercises are really good for an overall work out.
Just get down on the floor on all fours, keep your hands placed a bit broader than your shoulders and your elbows at the 45-degree angle. Balance your body on your hands and toes in a plank position.

Lower your body keeping your back straight till you nearly touch the floor hold for a second and raise your body back up.
Those who find it hard to balance due to excessive weight or any other issue can start off initially by supporting the body weight on their knees although there are several variations for Planks its ideal to do 30 Push-ups on each workout session


Plank is not as easy as it looks but it’s totally effective. It’s a must-have in your workout routine if you are looking to work out your abdominal and core. Plank is easy to do you just have to maintain a Push-up stance but on your elbows. Your elbows should be adjacent to your shoulders and a straight back. There are plenty of variations from beginner to expert level depending on how you expect the results but if you can plank for about a minute daily, it would be sufficient enough.

3. Sit-Up’s

Sit-ups are pretty clear just by the name and essential to add in your workout because it works out the lower part of the body like glutes, thighs, and abdominal muscles. It adds up to your strength and overall body shape. For a proper sit-up your feet should be adjacent to your shoulders while maintaining a straight back you go down as much as you can without bending or breaking the stance holding for a second a steadily stand back up.

Ideally, 30 sit-ups in a work out session can do wonders if done properly and consistently.

4. High knee Quick steps

The final and powerful work out to our basic at-home exercises is a personal favorite.  It burns in a lot of calories, boosts up your metabolism, pumps up very significant blood flow, and whatnot.
It’s very simple to do. Stand straight and lift your hands without raising your elbows in a straight line, forming an L shape to your arm. You lift your knee up till the knee touches the palm of your hand and lower it back to the ground. Work out each leg. Repeat the sequence, it’s more like you’re running without actually moving and lifting your knees high to a level above your upper abs. now all you have to do is pace up.  fast as you can move. 5 minutes of this killer work out and you will be in shape in no time.

These 4 at-home workouts are more than enough to get you in shape either you want to lose weight or just maintain a good looking body. I hope the article is helpful, we will be soon bringing up some more advance at home training workouts for faster and better results.

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