Hey HTY FAM! We are back again with a thoroughly requested article about Love handles. For any of you wondering what these are, well this might be the biggest problem being faced by 100s or 1000s of people trying to lose weight.

Love handles are the layered fat on the abdominal side areas of your belly and back. In 9 out of 10 cases these are the toughest areas to tone and lose fat from.

The bad news is that it is scientifically proven that there is no such evidence of any exercises or diets to spot target fat from your body.
Eventually to lose weight you need to work out and target body fat as a whole and it will work its way probably starting from your face then arms and then to other areas of your body.
Although there are certain ways to speed things up, and we are going to help you with that.

So let’s start this by a break-down of the checklist,

1. Diet

First and most important to any workout plan is the DIET

Yes, you can’t achieve the optimum results without changing your eating habits; your diet should include a high protein meal with ease on the carbs and fat. Also, it is very important to maintain the gaps between your meals and sleep time. Also, don’t forget to add a healthy consumption of water.

2. Workout

Second is the workout, now you know there are two major segments for training
Weight training and Cardio
An ideal work out should have a blend of both, 4 days a week an hour of workout is the best-suggested routine to accomplish your goals.
One should train with weights for overall all body muscles starting from Chest, arms, back and abdominal muscles, target 2 muscles on each workout session, and keep higher repetition and moderate weights.
The cardio session should include high-intensity work out that can target your overall body and put pressure on the muscles that you are targeting a list of cardio includes running, swimming, jump ropes, crunches, chin-ups, power yoga, and planks.

3. Daily Routine

So to sum it all up I have drawn a suggested routine:

Your diet should contain high protein meals like Chicken meat, Oaks, Green vegies, dairy butter, cheese, whole grains. Try to avoid any kind of processed foods especially junk food and sweets

Your daily cardio should have:

  • 20 Minute Jog or walk (As per convenience)
  • 15 crunches
  • 30 sit-ups
  • 1 minute of plan
  • 3-5 minutes of Jumping jacks

4. Weight Training

Your weight training part should be at least 4 days a week and as suggested more sets and repetitions and moderate weight. You should target all the muscles you can.
Ideally 2 muscles on one gym day like Chest and back, Arms and Calves, Legs and abs, and 1 day with full-body workouts.

The suggested routine has said to have a remarkable result on people who consistently followed for 90 days and had visible results after the first 45 days.

So what are you waiting on? It’s now or never my friend. We hope we can be a part of your transformation.

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