Hey HTY fam, Let’s get right to it. How can you lose weight and manage your Ramadan routine?
As you know, there are two core elements of getting your desired physic.
Your diet.
The workout.

So we are going to break down how you can accomplish what you seek!

Ramadan- The holy month that brings in many blessings can also bring along some scrumptious snacks to the table of course, after some long hours of resistance that’s the least, we can treat. No matter how well cooked and tasty the snacks be, They don’t seem to care much about how you love your skinny jeans.

1. Be sure you keep 70% of yourself all filled up!

Yes, We mean water. you definitely want to take care of hydration. and NO that doesn’t mean you gulp your gallons of water at Iftar, In fact, it’s quite the opposite at Iftar time just make sure you’re satisfied with your quest for water with a glass or two before heading to the main course.
Keep track of your water consumption for Iftar to Sehar. You should be taking around 6-7 glasses in between these hours and PRE-MEALS, That means before eating always drink water before meals or at least 30 minutes after you are done eating.

2. Keep the greasy stuff at a minimum

You know how we all love cheese and deep-fried snacks, well at least I do. These meals are tempting and you just can’t have enough of it but if you are planning to be in shape for your eid dress, you need to keep a safe distance. I know its really hard, but I’m not going to be harsh enough to ask you completely abandon these munches. just keep it to a minimum, The best suggestion is to keep such cheesy, fried, and high-fat meals once a week! That should be good enough just make sure you don’t go crazy on the cheat day.

You didn’t gain all your weight in one day; you won’t lose it in one day. Be patient with yourself

3. Don’t skip Sehar or Iftar – Skip the sodium

Now a lot may think that if they starve themselves it might to the trick to spread them up but trust me, It won’t If you’re thinking of skipping your Iftar or Sehar, That’s a bad idea. it would be much more productive if you go for a more balanced diet. Stay away as much as possible from processed Sugar and Salt, There are scientifically proven to help you gain on the fatty tissues.


4. Don’t be a lazy bag- Move around


Some light exercise is always recommended if you are not a Gym freak, I know it can be devastating to move around and maintain energy But you just can’t be a couch potato. you need to keep moving, if you cant do -Best workouts from home- start with the minimum, Maybe a 30 mins walk or a light jog, move around, find some stairs to explore, again and again, just don’t lay around helpless

If you can turn around your routine as per these suggestions we assure you, you can do wonders in 30 days!

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